Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feito / Sutei Naito

*My favorite Fate Stay Night Master/Servant*

Just finished Fate Stay Night *You might be wondering, "why just now?" . Sorry but I will not go on with that details for now but if you still insist in knowing, you can read it here.* But one of the reasons is, "My buying can't keep up with my watching." kinda thing and I knew most of you suffers to these too. I don't want to go on and give you guys some reviews about it cause that may win me some and hurt some and that I don't want that to happen. *Lolz.* Instead I came up with just this;

What I like about the series...

1. The Harem feel to it. *Even though the girls doesn't exactly confess to Shirou Emiya except Saber of course.*
2. The main heroines are hot! *Tohsaka Rin and Saber are definitely "jaw drops" at least for 2d girls.
3. Got some kick-ass shounen type battle scene. *My favorite was Archer versus Berserker ~ with serious lines from archer that made my heart melt!*
4. Introductions of Noble Phantasm and the unique power of the male lead. *Favorites were Archer's and Gilgamesh's.*

What I don't like...

1. The truth about Saber being King Arthur. *I just don't get it. A girl is actually a King.*
2. The frequency of Shirou getting kicked in his ass. *Near death experiences were his favorites.*
3. Looks like they're the only ones involve in the chaos that supposed to affect the whole world. *Aside from crimes committed by some Masters and the event that took place 10 years ago, I want to see that everything is under Holy grail war's juggernaut.
4. Didn't like the first OP song and the second one is just okay.

*Is Archer really is Shirou?*

I searched for Archer's real identity and I'm really clueless that he is actually Shirou. *I know it's not new but for the benefit of the others like me, you can read it in later part here.

My Verdict:

I'm not trying to summon any of your dying passion for Fate Stay Night or to relive your any unmolested experiences playing or watching it here since time sure really passed me by, I will make it short. A good experience for shoujo/VN fans with a touch of shounen type battle scenes and some melodramatics to touch our hearts. Some flaws were tolerable.

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blood on the mirror said...

Hehe Fate Stay Night is a great anime series.

But if you really want to know what happened (in painful detail), the game is better.

Although due to it's many details I can't seem to finish it. I'm only in Day 5. So I just run over to Wikipedia.