Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random What If - Fate/Stay Night

What if...

*Tohsaka Rin never had that little problem with summoning her servant and so Archer didn't loss his memory?*

*Shirou accidentally summoned the real King Arthur in his manly glory?*

*Shirou got really scared because of his recently near-death experiences and realize that his life is precious and didn't want to join the Holy Grail War?*

*Archer beat the hell out of Berserker and able to rejoin Rin & Co.?*

*Archer being the real Shirou gained back his memory after he saw Saber and relive their unfinished love affair?*

*Sakura was the one who ordered Rider instead of his brother?*

*the outfit that put by caster was Haruhi 's bunny cosplay? what would be the right reaction for Shirou?*

*Rin did tell Shirou that she really like him a lot? that she can fight for it against Saber?*

*Gilgamesh is not just the lone surprise servant? What if there's a ninth servant and he looks like Superman?*

*What if Saber acted selfishly and didn't decide to return to her Kingdom and just let her past be ruin by any means she knew would happen if she didn't comes back?


sheine said...

magtatagalog ako, wag ka mangielam XDD sabe dun sa wikipedia, anak ata si saber ng kung sino, nakalimutan ko, di daw kase pwede sa kingdom nila babaeng leader kaya tinago muna sya, arthuria real name nya~! panunuodin ko nga ulet ang dame ko pala di naintindihan dun hahahaha XDDD

Maikaru said...

Wahahah, mas maganda nga eh para naiindintihan ko. Nose bleed kaya mxadong english! Lolz.

Puro lang ako wat if eh! Heheh. Mas mganda laruin mo n lng eroge lng nmn xa eh. Lolz XDD