Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sayonara Suzaku - My Zero

*If I knew that I might lose you, I should spend more quality time with you.*

Yesterday was not a very good day for me, I lost my only love, my Suzaku-kun, one of my only 3 gashapons *Where my other two were abandoned.* after I ate dinner in some fast food chain here. I was in the most dangerous place that time here in the Philippines, known as the "Den of the Thieves" Quiapo. Being attentive to what my surrounding were doing, I knew that I'll never lose something. But I'm so peeved cause I'm always have to check my pocket to see if everything is still in my pocket. I put Suzaku in my cellphone *As my phone's chain.* and he is outside my pocket everytime soI guess that's what triggered the thieves, my precious Suzaku! He's been an eye catcher, I know it when people staring like "Damn I also like to have that..."*IMOHO I really knew it.* But all came to worst when I found out that "my precious" was missing! That the only thing left was the chain. Poor me! Poor Suzaku! Didn't have the time to tell each other goodbyes. As I sitting in the bus on my way home, I wonder that maybe he saved my cellphone from being stolen. That he sacrificed he's own welfare for my own and by that my love for him grew even bigger. *I'm sounding Yaoi here now but I really don't care.* Wherever you might be, I wish upon the stars that everything will be okay and Kami bless me again that you Suzaku is my only price in any Gashapon machines I'll meet in the future. I don't care how many you are. *Again, Sayonara Suzaku. Gomen.*

*I guess you gave the thieves some famous "Suzaku kick".*


blood on the mirror said...

DAMN am so sorry to hear!

But you know, maybe he did.

Maybe he was the knight of your mobile phone!

Maikaru said...

@blood on the mirror

thanks, actually I'm so down that day.

But thanks that no worst than that happened, I can't imagine my life if i lost my phone. He definitely my knight! Lolz

fairylyts said...

want me to give back the same one you gave me?? XDDDDD

Maikaru said...


No, you don't need to. Just keep it. Heheh. Hanep ingles noh? =)